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Pele Philosophy

Pele Philosophy

As legend has it Pele is the Volcano Fire Goddess on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has inspired me since I was a young girl...

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I am a New Thought Author, Speaker, Coach, and Mental Health Professional. I was born in North Carolina and grew up in Hawaii...
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Melissa and Marianne Williamson
Berkeley, California

Aloha (welcome).
I am Melissa Heckman.

My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever imagined possible.

I am here to serve those who are spiritually aware, or spiritually curious, by guiding you to:

I have designed a dynamic process that gives you the strategies and tools for you to ATTAIN YOUR LIFE GOALS and LIVE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. You can begin to notice immediate changes in your life.


Your life will change if you are ready to commit to the practices. Are you at least willing to be bold enough to take the first step to consciously live your legacy?

Melissa and Wayne Dyer
San Francisco, California

Allow me to guide you...Your legacy is the way you want to be remembered after you die. If this is important to you on any level, my teaching will help you LIVE that which you plan to LEAVE. Some people think of legacy solely as a monetary gift such as an estate or a trust fund. But that is not what I am referring to. NO. I help you go very deep into the real "trust fund" --- the truth of who you are. I help you live from your soul, your spiritual essence, your divinity, your loving nature. You can think of your legacy as the blessings you wish to leave behind as well. YOU get to define your spirituality as you begin to connect with and reveal this within yourself, and INVEST in that, for yourself now, and for future generations. I help you know and live from THAT place, and leave the world your gifts, from THAT place. I teach you to find a deep sense of PEACE and PURPOSE, PLAYFULNESS, and PROSPERITY consciousness. My teaching on creating abundance just may help you reap significant financial gain as well... SO BE IT. ROCK IT. CELEBRATE IT.

Dedicated to holding SACRED SPACE with you, it is an HONOR to take a stand for WHAT IS POSSIBLE IN YOU, and for the world. I want to know your needs, hopes, dreams, questions, fears, and inspirations so we can co-create. YES!

Melissa and her Book in Hawaii

I care. I am curious. I want to help catapult you into the next level of LOVING YOUR LIFE. I am here to authentically connect with you and help you live from your most authentically powerful self. Pause: It is not arrogant to know and live from that level of power. Note that I did not say ego tripping power. I am definitely not teaching Grand Pubah haughty power. The power I am talking comes from deep within your bones, blood, organs, synapses, and from the entire universe that is available and ready to conspire for your total vastness. OH YES!

As a little girl I was on my deathbed and my father died shortly thereafter. I went from living a poverty stricken life in the Cotton Belt of the American South, to traipsing around pineapple fields in the paradise of Hawaii. My mother took me to live in Hawaii around the age of eleven and that is when my world view began to open up. My mom also taught me, in her sweet southern voice, "The world is your oyster, sugar." She instilled in me high values of education, kindness, expressing creativity, service, and persistence. In Hawaii the diversity of cultures, the practices of Ho'oponopono (forgiveness), and the abundant nature of the flora and fauna all around me, helped me to heal the past, recover from major setbacks, and open to new ways of living. My life has catapulted to dimensions and I am so happy to be living my life and unfurling of more of my unique essence in the world. I like to think that the Aloha Spirit follows me everywhere I go. By the way you do not need to be from Hawaii to appreciate the practices, and to reap great rewards! What I teach transcends borders.

Melissa with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and
Dr. Diane Cirincione Sausalito, CA

The lessons help you restructure your thinking, open your heart, forgive, and surrender to truth. Love to live it. YES!

The teaching is NOT about religion. It IS about embodying a positive, practical spiritual life steeped in love, so that you do not go to your deathbed wishing you had done it all differently. Love, love, love your legacy. Love to leave it. YES!

Like the elegant nautilus shell I help you dive in deep and learn to listen to your one true inner voice. I help you get out of group think mentality. I affirm that you can live from YOUR values, exercise your creativity and God-given talents, AND be successful.

My commitment to you is to bring you the very best of what I am living and learning and to keep it real and honest as I move forward.

Let’s co-create more greatness together shall we?