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Life Coaching presumes you are healthy and able to manage most life stressors. Life Coaching is not for those experiencing trauma or in an acute need of help such as with a death, grief or sudden illness. Life Coaching is also not for those with an unmanaged mental illness. Melissa is happy to help refer you to someone if you need this level of care. Please ask. There are times when people can participate in Life Coaching while they are also in a clinical therapy program. Please speak with Melissa if you have any questions or to explore your needs. We want to ensure the experience will match your needs. Explore the following services...

Melissa Heckman

Yoga Instruction

My goal is to provide clear instruction with a focus on safety, breath, a sense of lightness and fun, and to support you to be your most genuine, authentic self.

Please click to read my Yoga Instructor Resume.

Small Group Life Coaching

Small Group Coaching Consists of approximately 6-12 people. Together we will discuss location options such as in an office, your home, in a community center, or retreat setting. Melissa creates a safe and fun space for you to go in deep into your own mind, heart and soul---to help you unravel, unleash, and reveal your full potential. Invite your friends, neighbors or colleagues. Sessions are typically ½ day or a full day, usually on weekends.

Forgiveness Intensive

(1/2 day workshop intensive-weekends only. 4-5 hours)

  • This process is for people who know they need to let go of the past (or a person or situation) thereby creating space and freedom to move forward.
  • Because this topic can reveal very personal issues you are encouraged to share only as much as you want to.
  • Script and re-script your un-forgiveness story.
  • Combines discussion, worksheets, journal exercises, meditation, gentle yoga and selected literature.
  • Enjoy fresh fruit, water, and tea, included with the cost.
  • The intention for this workshop is to help you release upsets that might keep you stuck. We want you to leave feeling free, open to new ideas and possibilities, and willing to take the next steps toward living the life of your dreams.
  • Clients often take this before Soul, Food, Mood, and Groove.
  • Call to discuss rates per person.
Melissa Heckman Life Coach Speaking Teaching Event

So proud of another group of beautiful students from
a Embrace Your Life! class in Sausalito, California

Soul, Food, Mood and Groove

(day long life purpose workshop. 7-8 hours)

  • Become clear on the legacy you wish you leave in the world.
  • Assess your life domains and design your life purpose plan.
  • Learn the connection between life purpose and health, food and mood.
  • Practice experiential exercises, art, meditation, movement, gentle groovy yoga, guided worksheets, imagery and journaling.
  • Enjoy fresh healthy snacks and home-made smoothies, included with the cost.
  • The intention for this workshop is to give you solid tools to use on a daily basis to live the life of your dreams.
  • Call to discuss rates per person.
Melissa Heckman Life Coach Speaking Teaching Event

Brilliant students in one of my very first private life coaching
classes in San Francisco. I’m so proud to know these women!

Live Your Luminous Life!

(2 hour life purpose mini workshop)

  • Complete a life domains assessment
  • Reveal your strengths and talents
  • Identify or re-affirm your life purpose
  • Understand how your daily choices impact your goals
  • Answer critical life coaching questions to keep you focused
  • We use worksheets, art supplies, and a lot of fun and love!
Melissa Heckman Life Coach Speaking Teaching Event

Melissa teaching a lesson on living from soul vs. ego.

Book Signing Events

Melissa is happy to participate in book signing and author events. Melissa will speak about her book, the writing process as a non-fiction author and the essentials of self-publishing.

  • Please call today for book signing events in your home, book store, or organization.
  • Includes a 20-30 minute talk, a 30 minute mini-workshop on a topic from her new book and Q&A. Let’s discuss what is possible.

Speaking/Teaching Events

Hire Melissa as an inspirational speaker for your next event. Talk topics can be explored according to your event/audience needs. Recent, previous and potential talk titles are listed below:

  • Live Your Legacy
  • Thriving In Tumultuous Times
  • Forgive For Good

Hire Melissa for your next Clinical CEU training. Previous trainings have included:

  • Effective Patient Communication
  • Spirituality In Health Care
  • Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence
Melissa Heckman Life Coach Speaking Teaching Event

Melissa with Ruth and Wendy after the
Kailua Unity Embrace Your Life! workshop.