~Blessed By Beautiful and Brilliant Beings~

Below are individual responses from Melissa's former workshop and class participants.

Names are withheld due to confidentiality

"If you have any issues that prevent you from living your dreams, see Melissa right away! Clarify and plan."

"This was tremendously uplifting, very spiritual. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have been a part of this workshop with an open mind and leaving with mind of spirit well nurtured and enlightened."

"I feel at peace—encouraged."

"I feel more relaxed, more capable of handling day to day issues."

"I feel liberated. Something shifted in me."

"This was a wonderful teaching. I appreciate all that you give and your support. Thank you."

"I feel relaxed. In addition to the readings, exercises and sharing, the yoga really adds to it. I love beginning and ending with it. I enjoy the exercises that encourage me to explore self more deeply as well as the group sharing which I find so incredibly valuable. It helps me to put a lot of things into perspective."

"I feel calmer; more centered."

"I appreciate the thought, planning and energy that you put into this. It’s excellent that you love what you are doing."

"I love that this is an integrative coaching class that utilized different forms of expression to create ease and flow of consciousness."

"I thought it was perfect! Thank you."

"I feel amazing. The yoga was incredible and the perfect accent to the work."

"I look forward to more! A+, excellent."

"I warmly encourage everyone to attend Melissa’s upcoming Integrative Life Coaching class. Whether you want to redirect your life and discover your greatest inner purpose, or just desire enhancement and meaning in any element of your life, you’ll gain new awareness about your soul’s passion and purpose that you can apply every day.

I took Melissa’s class twice and both times came away with better clarity of myself and my values, and defined for myself mindful ways to apply all that I discovered to remain true to my greatest self.

Melissa creates a soothing spiritual environment where you can comfortably focus: greet and release ego, find freedom from attitude and forgiveness, and put gratitude in motion. All parts of the recipe for moving towards an integrated life of your own defined purpose.

My experience taking the classes was wonderful and personal, I enjoyed all of it. I absolutely loved the combination of light yoga to start, and then work & discussion to bring us into seeing and understanding ourselves and attributes to define what matters to us. In addition the class develops a welcoming interaction with others creating a feeling of connectedness to everyone participating. After taking the classes I feel much more aware of how I can fulfill my purpose in so many aspects and situations in my life. I’m sure you will too."