Get in touch with your one, hot, and precious life!

As legend has it Pele is the Volcano Fire Goddess on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has inspired me since I was a young girl. Growing up in Hawaii I learned that Pele represents newness, natural power, and awesomeness. She also represents reclaiming and restoring of the land. I have felt such a compelling, magnetic force welling deep in my heart and soul for years and it has been guiding me to rise up to be my most sovereign self. I think it is important for all of us to find whatever source that is within each of us and LIGHT IT UP! I also think we can be inspired by Pele to reclaim and restore WHO we truly are---the total landscape of our loving nature. That loving legend, our legacy, remains after we die. We can significantly contribute to future generations by leaving our mark--we can re-ignite our inner flames of purpose in life, LIVE IT, and LEAVE IT. So I ask you...

  1. Are you consciously living your life?
  2. Are you in touch with, and living from, your spiritual essence?
  3. How might you be trying to live with purpose?
  4. What would you want to leave for future generations?
  5. Do you need some direction and guidance?

I believe there is a serious identity crisis on the planet--through immersion in the world we have forgotten who we really are, and we are grieving that loss, but we can return to our core with certain practices.

Are you ready to go deep and sort out who you are "in there," in your mind, and in your heart, so you can ignite your authentic power?

Like most people, we run around on auto-pilot for a good part of our lives doing as we think we "should" be doing from the voices of others. We have bought into that "should" mentality. So I help you stop "shoulding" on yourself.

What we truly desire is to heed our inner callings and to live a PASSIONATE life, full of meaning, joy, creativity, and abundance. Despite that the world (society, culture, media, well-meaning teachers and parents) teaches us to be competitive, materialistic, physically-focused, separate from others, and greedy-- we can return to our truth for being, and live from a much more gratifying place that serves up greater peace, playfulness, purpose and prosperity for all.

You can give yourself an Rx (prescription) for healing, loving, and living YOUR ONE, HOT, and PRECIOUS life. Learn to take regular "doses" of gratitude, prayer, meditation, gentle yoga, walks in nature, serving others, and forgiveness. Emerge into your days with a heart full of appreciation, and practice mindfulness to help propel you into the life you truly dream of living.

Your inner most self, your cells and your soul, want more oxygen, more aliveness, and joy. Isn't it about time you took the next step in your own evolution? OH YES! My philosophy helps you prescribe your own solutions for living a luscious life on a daily basis.

Sisters and brothers from all walks of life, this is your time on the planet to rock your thing, hula-shake your thing, write it, discover it, invent it, bake it, draw it, paint it, draft it, surf it, build it, row it, you name it, BE IT! This work is about taking conscious control AND surrendering to your genuine self. This is not about following others or attaining what others have. NO! It is about the truth of you. And maintaining a healthy balance of "doing," plus "allowing" and not forcing. Go ahead and R-x yourself-- start affirming a few of these ideas and start feeling better, more energetic and inspired, TODAY.

Like Madam Pele, the Hawaiian fire Goddess, who sends molten hot lava up into the sky and then rolling down into the sea forming new land, you too are here to grow, to develop, and to evolve--to birth new landscapes of YOU.

Start to feel turned on and HOT for your one and only precious life. I dare you to fall in love with you, LOVER, and flare up your passions for powerful living.

Learn to release thoughts and language of "some day," and "after I retire I might," and "then everything will be okay." Lovingly I say to you, NO! You are here to live the life you truly desire to be living, NOW. You must be bold enough to claim it, and make it happen.

In this moment-- switch the bravery button ON! Activate your innate resources, decide to connect with the right people, take a U-turn out of the herd, re-ignite your passions, and stay in the zone of purposely living a life worthy of your highest self.

No matter what.

Hold not doubts.

Release ALL thoughts of lack and limitation, and slave consciousness. Focus on your strengths and solutions. Release everything, and everyone that does not serve your highest good. Begin to align with those who support your growth and who know your glowing potential. Do not go to your deathbed wishing you had done it all differently.

Not another day goes by. State aloud, "Not one person needs to change one thing for me to live the life I am meant to live. This is my own inside job. I can do this."

You've got this.

SO RISE-N-SHINE sleepy head. You've been napping, perhaps in a deep slumber, and that's okay. You needed the rest.

BECAUSE YOU HAVE LANDED ON THIS PAGE you are waking up ON SOME LEVEL. AND YOU ARE REALIZING THAT Your life needs you, right now. Hold that life is aching TO KNOW your PASSIONS, goodness and LONGS TO HAVE your divine birthright to shine forth.

Allow the truth to be so.

And so it is. -Amen

With love, overflowing, and on fire for you, Melissa